about the project

The title All todays, all tomorrows comes from a sharing session in 2019, when the directors of the Swiss independent art space Hamlet and Longtang came to Guangzhou after their trip to Beijing to share their experience of working in Switzerland and the institutional situation at Topping: how to keep the space and work (possible) in a limited conditions to keep the space and the work (possible) going. In the same year, Top Space participated in the "What We Are Doing - Independent Space 2018 Documentary Exhibition", initiated by Beijing's "De Art Centre", outlining in the form of an event document The exhibition was held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Chongqing, Wuhan and other places in China. The exhibition coincided with a new wave of demolitions in Beijing, forcing many artists' studios and independent spaces to relocate or close. At the same time, the art community in the south became increasingly active during this period. Working methods based on camaraderie and collaboration were being widely considered and applied. The series of political and economic shifts brought about by the epidemic that began in 2020 have made the situation of independent art spaces more challenging, while at the same time giving rise to a very compressed social space. What changes have they undergone in the past two years, and how have they responded and changed?"Letter from the Top|All Today, All Tomorrow" is a letter from the Top Space to its TA friends, consisting of ten questions, all of which can be answered in any form. It attempts to present the practice paths of independent art spaces in different regions by asking questions about the epidemic moments we are still experiencing, about individuals and the environment, about time and the future. It is a long-awaited greeting, a temporary gathering. All today, all tomorrow. "Letters from the Top|All Today, All Tomorrow" is initiated by Top Space in 2021 and supported by the Swiss Cultural Foundation.